We first dreamed up the image of WoodWe products at the start of 2015 after clocking countless complaints from ourselves, our friends, and even passing strangers about iPhone cases too bulky to fit into pockets and too common to be anything but boring. We thought: why not solve this functional problem ourselves—andmitigate a stylistic one while we’re at it?

Enter: WoodWe.

Forget rose-colored glasses—we see the world through an Instagram filter.

And we make our products to match Instagram perfection… but in real life.

Our mission is to dress your device stylishly, naturally, and with unparallelled quality materials because we value the human need to stay in tune with both our natural world and your individuality.

Our vision is a world in which sky-high quality products of our ever-changing technological landscape keep us ever-connected to the naturallandscape outside the window—while fulfilling our human right to creatively express ourselves.

In a world that’s becoming more and more digital, stay in touch with nature… by touching nature in the palm of your hand.

Technology is magic. But magic doesn’t mean nature and human craftsmanship need to do a disappearing act. In fact, we believe the automation of the future can harmonize with the hands-on approach of our past. This balance is the real magic.

What exactly does that mean? Well, we’re a little team of passionate 20-somethings from beautiful Lithuania, and we’re not only the dreamers behind WoodWe, we’re also the doers. In the same way that we seek to empower our customers to make the creativeinvestment (instead of the boring one), we exercise our own creativity on a daily basis by creating something worthy of investing in. We never rest on the laurels of our already-made-and-successful products. Instead, we make something new every single day. The act of creation is a fundamental element of the human spirit—we value that process just as much as our result.

What makes our creative process even more special is this: none of us originally had experience working with wood, stone, or rust, but we decided to learn to consciously preserve a part of humanity that could easily be lost as the technology age progresses. Making our products ourselves also means we’re emotionally invested in what we create for you. And the pride we take in our products means it’s not uncommon for us to joyfully work 24 hours straight.

Plus, as business becomes more automated, we become more devoted to keeping business human; the human relationship was once the cornerstone of all business. We know where every material comes from—we source our wood materials from Belgium, our stone from Germany, and rust from Taiwan—and we have personal relationships with these people. In the spirit of keeping things human, we want to know you too.

We hope you’ll connect with us… and maybe reconnect with nature and your unique self in the process.

—The WoodWe Team


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